“The clouds are pretty dramatic looking when you look at them.” 

At least that is what the gal at the table across from me said. I’d say the clouds look pretty cool… It’s interesting how differently people communicate and express themselves. What looks cool to me looks dramatic to another onlooker.

Having a different perspective is a natural thing. No one would be upset that we didn’t see the same thing when we looked at the same cloud formation. I wonder why people get so upset when people don’t share the same political views or religious views. When you brake it down to the very black and white of it, it’s the same as having a difference of perspective when looking at the clouds… At lease that’s what I think.

I feel like if I’m going to write anything or publish anything online it has to be something meaningful and with substance. A unique perspective or a dramatization of something to at least grab interest. But recently I’ve had a little voice in my head ask “why?” Honestly, I haven’t been writing much of anything because I didn’t think it would “sound good” or wouldn’t be as creative as I suppose it should be…

I recall someone say that the richest place in the world is a cemetery because there you will find books never written, ideas never brought to life, songs never sung, and talents never realized. What is is that other people have within them that makes it easier for them to pursue their dreams? Is it actually easier??

I can feel my values changing. Not just my values but also the things I thought I wanted out of life are changing too. For example, I love the BMW I have right now. I leased it because I like new cars and I have a history of only keeping them for a couple years at the most. But now, my thought is I’d really like a 4Runner; something I can keep for a long time… And that’s what is changing, I feel like I want to put down roots and create some stability in my life… And this is so fucking different than what I’m used to! I’m used to moving around, new things, change, excitement, drama…. All things I feel like maybe I don’t want anymore… The person I am right now isn’t who I was over the last decade. Is this normal for turning 30?

Ugh. I’m all over the place.


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