Everyone knows that LIFE doesn’t come with a “How to” guide to help us get through the difficult parts. Quite honestly, I can think of a few things I wish my parents had done differently to help prepare me for what was ahead but I hold no regrets or grief about how things turned out. I truly believe both my mother and father did the absolute best they knew how to do…

I was borne in 1987 so do the math to figure out my age. Regardless of the number of years I’ve lived thus far, I have this off feeling that my entire life is still ahead of me and at the same time, I feel like I should really be farther along the path than I currently am.

This blog is dedicated to self discovery, personal reflection, and the tools I have found (and continue to find) that help me to become the absolute best possible version of myself. Maybe there is something within it’s contents that touches and helps others in a positive way.